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Chronic Inflammation

a: Chronic inflammation ~
b: those repeated unproductive meetings

What: "Have you ever been in a meeting that was intended to resolve a problem but did just the opposite? We have all experienced those unproductive, frustrating meetings that seem to do more harm than good. Imagine if you had meetings like that every day, or even every week! Chronic inflammation is like those repeated unproductive meetings. Eventually those "meetings" become chaotic as rogue inflammatory cytokines (messenger molecules secreted by immune cells) take over."

Writer: Karolyn Gazella
Date: Jun 28 2010 2:40 AM

Sexy Underwear + Menstruation

a: Sexy underwear and menstruation ~
b: mixing tequila and doing your taxes

What: "While we're on the subject of feminine products - who's the genius that invented pads for thongs? Who on earth combines either of these two ideas? Sexy underwear + menstruation is like mixing tequila and doing your taxes, not a good idea."

Writer: Michelle-?
Date: Oct 30 2010 3:10 AM

Unsafe Sex Is Like Bedding Hitler

a: Unsafe sex ~
b: Bedding Hitler

What: "Campaign Shows Unsafe Sex is Like Bedding Hitler, Stalin & Saddam". A freaky PR stunt comparing AIDS to mass murders. This is a shitty comparison. With a little knowledge, you can avoid AIDS. It was vary difficult to avoid the tyrants listed above if you lived in their neighborhoods.

Writer: duccnguyen
Date: Aug 17 2011 11:20 AM

Unprotected Sex Is Like

a: Having unprotected sex ~
b: having arachnid perform cunnilingus on you

What: "According to this new French AIDS awareness campaign, having unprotected sex is like having a gigantic slavering arachnid perform cunnilingus on you, or mounting a spread-eagled scorpion in the missionary position, its poison-dripping tail wildly thrashing about in the throes of its ecstasy (she's probably faking it)."

Writer: John Brownlee
Where: Reference Link Has Evaporated
Date: Aug 17 2011 11:56 AM

What Roses Are Like For Women

a: Giving roses ~
b: Blowjobs Because

What: 1. Neither sex can understand why the other is so fond of them. 2. Giving them always feels silly at first. 3. No one ever complains of getting too many. 4. They're always guaranteed to brighten someone's day. 5. They always bring the greatest pleasure when they're least expected. 6. It's tempting to feel jealous if someone else is getting them instead of you. 7. They're a sure sign that someone thinks you're special. 8. Giving them with frequency will make you a catch. 9. Giving them with flair will make you a legend. 10. Giving them clumsily is better than not giving them at all. 11. Although they're soon history, they're seldom forgotten. 12. The more graciously they're given, the more greatly they're adored. 13. A fool treats giving them as an obligation instead of an opportunity. 14. Anyone who has to beg for one is probably neglecting the other. 15. There's nothing more pathetic than having to buy them for yourself. 16. If giving them is a bother, you're thinking about the wrong person. 17. A relationship with both is a recipe for bliss. 18. A relationship with neither is a recipe for bland. 19. A relationship with only one is a recipe for trouble. 20. A world with an abundance of both would be a richer place. __________________

Writer: Wild Card1100
Date: Mar 4 2012 12:06 PM

Green Venn Diagram

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