The Book

a: Book ~
b: Jew of our culture

What: "The book is fast becoming the despised Jew of our culture. Der Jude is now Der Book. Hi-tech propogandists tell us that the book is a tree-murdering, space-devouring, inferior form of technology; that society would simply be better-off altogether if we euthanized it even as we begin to carry around, like good little Aryans, whole libraries in our pockets, downloaded on the Uber-Kindle."

Writer: Alan Kaufman
Date: Nov 28 2009 5:02 PM

Google Books

a: Google books ~
b: a haphazardly organized used-book shop

What: "If Google Books is like a haphazardly organized used-book shop, as one university provost has described it, Daniel J. Clancy is its suitably rumpled proprietor."

Writer: Marc Parry
Date: Jul 31 2011 12:44 PM

Green Venn Diagram

METAMIA is a free database of analogy and metaphor. Anyone can contribute or search. The subject matter can be anything. Science is popular, but poetry is encouraged. The goal is to integrate our fluid muses with the stark literalism of a relational database. Metamia is like a girdle for your muses, a cognitive girdle.

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