Rules for Submitting Analogies to

Rules list

  1. Intent: This database is a collection of metaphors and analogies that will help with understanding the topic in question. Copyrights, if they exist, are retained by those doing the submitting.

  2. You can submit a metaphor and link back to a commercial site; the link is less relevant than the content of the metaphor and analogy presented. If the submitted analogy is irrelevant or incomprehensible, it will be removed from the database.

  3. Submitted metaphors may be edited for spelling and gross typographical errors. Grammar and general content are left to the writer.

  4. Non-literal thinking is common amongst people with Art History backgrounds or MFAs. Think of this database as a means of expounding on your Art History knowledge.

  5. Do not write a novel. Write enough of an explanation to make your metaphor understandable. Currently, there is no size limit to the description portion of the database. Descriptions over 750 words may be truncated. If you have a large amount of text please link to your site. See these examples:

  6. Obscenities may be tolerated based on aesthetic context; i.e., does such language support your idea. Generally, profane language is best spoken and not written. But, that is a matter of taste and for this site, "dirty words" will be considered on a case by case basis.

  7. Please do not submit material that violates copyrights.

  8. Copyright Violations If you believe copyright protected material has been submitted, click on "critique analogy" link. The critique page will open. Click on the "Email Metamia_about_this" link that is at the bottom of each database record in the output. If you are on the critique page, click the "Email Metamia_about_this" link. This will bring up a feedback form in a separate page. Please fill out the form and specify the nature of the complaint. Material that violates a copyright will be removed. This form can also be used for general feedback about a specific database record.

  9. Hitler/Stalin Analogy policy. There is a lot of heat in political discourse currently. Analogies comparing any contemporary politician to Hitler and or Stalin should be considered carefully before being submitted. They may be removed. If you are thinking of entering such an analogy, please think long and hard about what you are saying. Does any current politician in the United States, Europe or anywhere compare to either Hitler or Stalin? The criteria for an Hitler analogy are quite high. Has the leader you wish to discuss written in detail about murdering millions of people? Has this leader started a war that killed ~50 million people? Has this leader systematically put 6 million Jews into a sausage grinder? Has this leader implemented forced collectivization that starved millions of peasants to death? Few are comparable.

  10. Finally, content that is regarded as obscene, defamatory, or intended to incite violence will be removed.

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