yeast fermentation


a: yeast fermentation ~
b: long run


"From the perspective of the yeast, fermentation is like a long run with a long steep slope at the end.
To achieve a goal a long distance runner must be in good shape to start with while having sufficient reserves at each point of the run to meet the challenges along the road. Common sense tells the
runner it would be ill advised to run in the mid-day sun or in driving rain. Yeast are similar. Good fermentations are far more likely if the winemaker is proactive and takes common sense precautions. During
my 20 years of fermentation R&D, I worked to develop systematic practices for winemakers to deal with difficult juice. Let me review the main ones:" In the link.

Writer: Dominique Delteil
Date: Dec 3 2014 3:52 PM

Green Venn Diagram

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