wrist pin


Tape~=wrist Pin

a: Wrist pin ~
b: a piece of tape

What: "Picture this... tape a piece of yarn to the underside of a rock. Hold the opposite end with your hand and throw the rock straight up in the air as hard as you can and when the yarn is almost completely stretched out try & yank the rock back down towards you.... odds are the rock will keep going up & the tape will pull off the rock and fall back down with no rock attached. That's a crude description of what your connecting rod has to do every day, it has to push a piston up then yank it back down at the same speed, the wrist pin is like the piece of tape... if you increase the speed in which the rod has to pull the piston back down, eventually the wrist pin will let go the piston keeps going up until the valves try to stop it, the rod is now "flopping" around inside the cylinder and will more than likely punch through the cylinder wall."

Writer: extasy
Where: Reference Link Has Evaporated
Date: Oct 2 2013 12:24 PM

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