using insulin


Using Insulin

a: Using insulin ~
b: ploughing the land before planting seeds

What: " Using insulin is like ploughing the land before planting seeds. Insulin helps achieve good glycemic control, and helps the antibiotics, antitubercular drugs and pain suppressants produce their effect in an efficient and time saving manner."----The linked article describes using analogies to explain how insulin works.......

Writer: Sanjay Kalra DM
Date: Jan 11 2011 2:32 AM

Yes Indeed It Must Be The Plane Metaphor....

a: Using insulin ~
b: flying a small airplane

What: "Using insulin is like using a gun, or like flying an airplane: Like an airplane: "Using insulin is like flying a small airplane. 1) You must know your altitude (know your glucose level)... 2) You must know your speed (know the right dose)... 3) You must check to see that there is fuel in the tank (food in your stomach...) and if you want to survive for a long time 4) you must know how to jump with a parachute (what to do in case of emergency...) even if you will probably never have to jump." -

Writer: Ellis Toussier
Date: May 9 2013 6:58 PM

Green Venn Diagram

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