stock trading


Stock trading is like gambling? Not really

a: Stock trading ~
b: gambling

What: "Some ladies believe that trading in the stock market is like gambling. Truth be told, trading in the stock market is only like gambling when you don't use a systematic approach. So for many women, I am sad to say, it is not merely "like" IS gambling. Only this time, your retirement or family's future is at risk, not just the cab fare to take you from the casino back to your hotel in Vegas."

Writer: Aneshia Smith
Date: Aug 9 2011 11:58 AM

Stock Trading As Party

a: Stock trading ~
b: a party

What: The people that have the most fun at a party are those that arrive a little late and leave a bit early. They get the most of fun out of the event. Kiss Kiss gotta go, is the way to go. Trading , not investing, has a similar pattern. You want to make sure the stock, the party, is moving and grooving, and then jump into it little by little. Ease your way into it. And once it get going, add a little more, but not too much. Then, and here's the hard part, sense when it's all about to end and make a graceful exit. ie, sell you position.

Writer: LucretiaMia
Where: Reference Link Has Evaporated
Date: Jun 18 2012 7:21 PM

Green Venn Diagram

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