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The Cyclical Wate God....

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b: surfing


"Having grown up near the beach and having experienced the effervescence of waves and a surfboard, I usually recount how a surfer patiently waits all day for the perfect wave to catch. The few seconds at the top of that wave are intense moments that can make you feel that God has called you and blown that moving body of water especially for you. In that eons-long second, God whispers within the depths of your heart how much he loves you, and you revel in the freedom of that surf reverberating throughout your body and soul. And when you fall off your board and splash into the water, you continue to swim against the tide to retrieve your floating board, to wait for that wave to come back, and then to start over again."

Writer: Brother Nich L. Perez, C.S.C
Date: Mar 7 2014 4:02 PM

Green Venn Diagram

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