prep for sales



a: Prep for sales ~
b: painting your house

What: "Hearing the frustration in my voice, he decided to review the preparation with me. The furniture had been pulled to the middle and covered so the paint didn't splash on any of it. Yeah, I got that part. He went on to explain the white blotches on the wall was the plaster to cover the holes and dimples, and the blue tape is to make sure the trim will be separated from the color of the wall and look clean and neat. And the white was the primer to help the paint adhere and hold the true color. The very next day, I walked in and voila - a gorgeous, warm taupe on all of the walls. In one day! (Well, one day plus three.) And it was beautiful! I am not telling you this to teach you about painting. I am telling you because we often forget how most jobs done right are done well with more and better preparation."

Writer: Greta Schulz
Date: Feb 17 2010 2:20 AM

Green Venn Diagram

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