my ether sponge heart


Mental Habits Gone Stale

a: my ether sponge heart ~
b: frozen


My ether sponge heart sucks
emotion from the air-
as a means of thawing
my heart

My sexual-ness warms
the frozen layered
to keep it from

It keeps it whole and alive
for the next day
But the source of this mess
is the frozen heart itself.
Itself it is broken from the years of habits gone state.
Mental habit gone stale are the issue.

How to but them to sleep,
put them out to pasture,
put them were their damage
and distraction can be minimized. Many options to open this:

travel, sex, sex and travel and maybe sitting my the ocean freezing to death.

Writer: Lucrezia
Where: Reference Link Has Evaporated
Date: Mar 22 2016 8:05 PM

Green Venn Diagram

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