multi viscosity oil


Multiviscosity Oil Molecule

a: Multi viscosity oil ~
b: a coil

What: "The oil molecule in the multiviscosity oil is like a coil. When it is cold the coil shrinks and is short, and when the oil is hot the coil stretches out and is long. When the coils are long they tangle up with each other, that is what makes the film strength, they don't want to separate and so stays between the metal parts. When cold and short, they don't tangle up with each other as much, hence they are more "willing" to move along and flow, but they also don't have as much film strength." This is a very good and succinct explanation.

Writer: rickf
Date: Oct 3 2013 11:09 AM

a: multi viscosity oil ~
b: licorice stick or a DNA molecule


"A chemical engineer I worked for explained it like this - the molecular structure is like a licorice stick or a DNA molecule - twisted. As the oil heats up, those additive molecules start to unwind & get longer - they'll twist back tighter & get shorter as the oil cools down. But if the oil gets too hot, the molecular structure just falls apart & you can't put it back together again. "

Writer: Art_NJr
Date: Apr 25 2014 3:28 PM

Green Venn Diagram

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