modern life


Modern Life Is Like Horrific Automobile Accident

a: Modern life ~
b: horrific automobile accident

What: " The walls and windows in each piece represent that separation from others. It is like driving slowly by a horrific automobile accident and viewing the scene. It's not anyone you know or love, so there is a separation there from the reality of the accident. The carnage both fascinates us and repels us at the same time. While it may disturb you for a period of time, it's not like losing one of your own. Yet to the families involved, it will have an impact on them the rest of their lives."

Writer: William W. Hoyt
Date: Jul 18 2011 2:30 AM

a: modern life ~
b: I Love Lucy’ Chocolates Scene


"So maybe that tempers the problamaticness of that episode's plot, maybe not. I want to suggest that it doesn't matter. Here is my interpretation of that scene: Lucy and Ethel are the surrogates for the viewer, i.e. the contemporary person, in 2016. The conceit of being a worker at a chocolate factory is a metaphor for the experience of modern life, and in particular life in the information age, when the world has shrunk to the size of a phone and information is free and infinitely available."

Writer: Eddie Brawley
Date: Aug 19 2018 1:47 PM

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