a: i-mac ~
b: home entertainment system


It combines all kinds of stuff into one unit. I tunes plays music and streams a variety of radio stations. The DVD player and screen make watching movies enjoyable. There's other stuff too. The PC does most of this, but it seems like the imac was designed from scratch to elegantly combine all these features.

Writer: Lucrezia
Where: Reference Link Has Evaporated
Date: Feb 9 2015 5:02 PM

PC vs Mac car analogies

a: The Mac ~
b: an Honda/Acura

What: "The Mac looks like a Lotus, but behaves like an Honda/Acura - very reliable, usually reasonably quick, and the low end is kinda pricey compared to your Detroit iron" .---> This is whole discussion comparing computers and cars.

Writer: Not Stated
Date: Oct 12 2010 1:10 AM

The Achilles Heals

a: Apple imac mouse design ~
b: Honda Accord braking system

What: Add to this. What are the commonalities? Both the Accord and iMac are extremely well designed systems. The iMac is a UNIX based personal computer that is stable and looks really nice. The Accord has been one of the most reliable cars ever built. But, these highly designed systems have their respective flaws which have existed over the years(decades?). The mouse design on ALL the iMacs I've owned are awful. It like they want to torture your hand when you use the computer. Likewise, the braking system on the Accords, and the Preludes as well, have been much less reliable than the car as a whole. I really want to meet the mouse design team at Apple and the group that designed the braking systems at Honda. There must be some kinda, systematic flaw within each group. Most likely the heads of each group are entrenched in their respective corporate bureaucracies.

Writer: LucyG
Where: Reference Link Has Evaporated
Date: Nov 21 2012 7:19 PM

Green Venn Diagram

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