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California Water

a: Los angeles water supply ~
b: San Francisco water supply

What: Here's my opinion of the water quality of both cities; very good. The water out of these taps is a good as bottled water or even better. Both cities get most of their water from the Sierra runoff. San Francisco gets water from Hetch Hetchy which is a vast granite basin that doesn't seem to affect the water quality. Los Angeles gets water from the Owens Valley which collects the run off from the south-eastern part of the Sierras. Again, this is another granite filled basin which doesn't affect the water quality that much. Contrast this with the water from the Colorado river. This basin is ~ 2,000 miles of sandstone. Sandstone is mostly calcium carbonate, this gets dissolved in the river and thus into the water supply. The Colorado river is the water supply for much of Orange country and San Diego. The taste of the water is terrible. It takes like dirt, but I suspect it is much healthier 'cause of all the dissolved minerals. In fact, the joke is: Why are Californians so laid back? It's the lithium in the water.

Writer: mattyflynn
Date: Jul 20 2010 9:18 AM

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