a: lightbulb ~
b: physical body


" This necessitates reimbodiment. That's why we're here now. Ultimately, that is why the universe came into being. Life force will be expressed. What happens to that energy at death? Consider this analogy: the light bulb is like a physical body. The filament that glows when carrying current is like the intermediate soul. The electric current that vivifies the bulb is like the spirit - the permanent part of us - overshadowing every individual. When burned out, the bulb is discarded like the physical body. But the electric current still has the potential to express itself when the appropriate conditions occur again. The replacement bulb must be the right wattage and screw size. Likewise, the succeeding body must be fit to express that vitality - so it's only natural that a human would reincarnate in another human body. The life forces within every being have the same natural, inherent urge to express themselves, to continue onward, to reincarnate. "

Writer: William A. Savage
Date: Sep 4 2016 9:39 PM

Green Venn Diagram

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