jewish gene pool


a: Jewish gene pool ~
b: the Borg


" It's hard to find a German Nobel Laureate in medicine or physics who did not have a Jewish wife. Note the number of great song writers who have been married to Jewesses: Paul McCartney, Woody Guthrie, Kurt Cobain, Brian Wilson. Curious, eh? The Jewish gene pool is like the Borg–"we will add you to our collective"–if you are good enough! There are no blacks, Hispanics, nor any group below a certain meridian on that list. So not pure, but always GOOD. These choices of fathers also give one a sense of the qualities that Jewish women seek in a potential father, in Spengler's sense. "

Writer: Hrolf
Date: Aug 1 2015 2:22 PM

Green Venn Diagram

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