inferring protein function from homology


The Letters Matches

a: Inferring protein function from homology ~
b: solving an American crossword puzzle

What: "View it in these terms: Inferring protein function from knowledge of the function of a close homologue is like solving the clue of an American crossword puzzle. Finding the word that satisfies the definition may be difficult but the task is in principle straightforward. Working out the function of a protein from its sequence and structure is like solving the clue of a British crossword puzzle. It is by no means obvious which features of the definition are providing the real clues, as opposed to misleading ones. Also, for both types of puzzle and for the suggestion of a protein function, even if your answer appears to fit it may be wrong."

Writer: Arthur M. Lesk
Date: May 9 2013 5:45 PM

Green Venn Diagram

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