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For Women Money Is Like....for Men Money Is Like

a: For women money ~

What: This is a seed of idea, which is a to an precursors to a concept, which is a piece of a paradigm........ The goal of this nub of an cognitive seed is to sprout and grow.....Men and Women approach money differently. In the extreme cases, money is freedom to men. For women it is status. With money, men can be FREE to do what they want what, when they want. For women, with money, they can build their family and their STATUS relative to other women. This is often a core conflict between men and women in marriage, as most know. These leads to the idea and reality of debt. Women are more willing to swap debt for status.

Writer: LucretiaGermanica
Date: May 23 2011 12:52 AM

Green Venn Diagram

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