energy density


Gravity Energy And Stuff......

a: Energy density ~
b: pressure under water on a rock

What: "the source of gravity is not mass. Mass is inert, passive and subject to force from the energy density of free space. Energy density is like pressure under water on a rock. The pressure is equal and opposite to energy it has displaced. Matter is constantly seeking it's own level just like water. That is the level where all gravitational potential is equal throughout all of space. Matter displaces energy just like water. Two bodies gravitate because energy field equilibrium is upset by neighbor body. As bodies get closer, the force increases because energy field displaced is inversely proportional to distance squared. and they accelerate according to Newton's law. I call it the "energy displacement theory". Matter displaces energy. Matter has no physical meaning. It is merely "energy not" to use a boolean term."

Writer: rich-cliff-han
Date: Jul 30 2013 3:34 PM

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