eastern mysticism


a: Eastern mysticism ~
b: a snowy peak towering into the clouds

What: "Eastern mysticism is like a snowy peak towering into the clouds, often hidden from view, and certainly the summit can never be seen from the base. Only trained climbers are fit to tackle its rigors and perils. Western phi- losophy, on the other hand, is like a plain over which anyone can caper at will, in any direc- tion,largely getting nowhere and crossing and recrossing the same trails.In the East philoso- phy is regarded as useless if it has no effect on character. Its whole point is to produce the Perfect Man, the Sage. The brain-without- character type, the dry-as-dust academic, and the absent-minded professor are regarded as 6 Ibid., XIII. Wang Li Yung (active 1120-after 1145), The Transformations of Lord Lao, Southern Sung dynasty, early 12th century " "An Illustrated Introduction to Taoism: The Wisdom of the Sages"

Writer: Jean C. Cooper, ‎Joseph A. Fitzgerald
Where: Reference Link Has Evaporated
Date: Jan 20 2014 10:01 AM

Green Venn Diagram

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