Small Snow Flakes That Never Fall.....

a: Colloid ~
b: a snow globe

What: "The word colloidal sounds spooky and mystical. It just means having extremely small particle size. A colloid is two substances combined but one substance must have micron-sized particles. The small particles get dispersed into the second substance. The result looks like one substance but really it is two--one floating in the other. A colloid is like a snow globe but with extremely tiny snowflakes that would take longer than 5 seconds to fall to the bottom. Catsup, milk, and salad dressing are a food colloid. Face paint and shaving cream are a colloid. But nobody eats paint or shaving cream. Catsup is natural nanotechnology in a bottle."

Writer: Not Stated
Where: Reference Link Has Evaporated
Date: Jul 24 2013 7:47 PM

a: Colloid ~
b: milk

What: "Being a biochemist, I was interested. Obviously a colloid is like milk. It's not a solution, but suspended particles."

Writer: Barry K. Arrington, President
Date: Jul 24 2013 7:51 PM

Green Venn Diagram

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