Molecules As Horses Associations

a: Chromatography ~
b: a horse race with a muddy track

What: "Chromatography is like a horse race on a muddy track. Some horses are better "mudders" than others. Just as all the horses start together at the starting line, so all the food dyes start together at the drop. The horses that know how to run on a muddy track pull ahead of the others, and the horses become separated." One of the best analogies on a big list of good analogies.

Writer: steve_geo1
Date: May 2 2013 1:05 PM

Maybe Affinity Chromatography.....

a: Chromatography ~
b: a soap-opera wedding

What: "Imagine, he says, a happy couple who stop and talk to well-wishers standing on the church steps before leaving for their honeymoon. One of the newlyweds encounters an old flame--the true love--and then parts from his or her beloved.....Alas, where there once was togetherness is now a separation."

Writer: William Pirkle
Date: May 2 2013 1:11 PM

Green Venn Diagram

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