bus trip in ratcatcher


He Got A Ticket To Ride.....

a: Bus trip in ratcatcher ~
b: vehicular purgatory

What: "Taken literally, the bus trip represents little; it is a short jaunt to the country to explore a new house. Some broader cinematic themes come to mind. There are a multitude of contrasted elements displayed during these scenes. Color, clutter and framing provide opposites that lead to a personal transitional moment in the movie. Arguably, there are other possibilities. James, his family and neighbors are moving from a dirty place to a clean place with the help of a community, government subsidized housing and a government subsidized bus driver. There is a specter of paternalism and dependence. This community is largely dependent on the government for a place to live. Going even further, the trip may represent James's death. The bus ride and driver acts as vehicular purgatory that ends when the bus driver tells him the trip is over; it is time to get off the bus. The movie ends ambiguously, so these non-literal interpretations also get mired in ambiguity. Isn't that the point?"

Writer: Matthew James Flynn
Date: May 1 2013 1:16 PM

Green Venn Diagram

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