body in dm t2 is to sugar


Diabetes Type 2

a: The body in DM T2 is to sugar ~
b: What an overfilled skyscraper is to dirt from people


Skyscrapers have many businesses inside (tissues or organs) that are filled with people. when occupancy is below max, janitorial staff (Leukocytes or liver) can clean up the the dirt tracked in. When occupancy gets to be past max cleaning up get to be more difficult because there is more going on in the skyscraper and more to manage. When this exceeded capacity occurs for too long (Chronic hyperglycemia) then we start to see the janitorial staff can not clean up and people begin to become disgusted with the smudges on the wall and stain on the carpet. If this neglect is left long enough we start to see the plumbing begin to leak (kidney- microalbuminuria), Electricity becomes faulty (Neuromuscular peripheral neuropathy), some elevators stop working (blood vessels - Hyaline atherosclerosis), and the video cameras of the security system begin to show up blurry (retinopathy/cortical cataracts). This allows more intruders in (infections).

(just kind of for fun... havent taken a writing class for a number of year so i hope i have this analogy a and b set up correctly!!!

Writer: Dludeman
Where: Reference Link Has Evaporated
Date: Apr 26 2020 4:27 PM

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