argon laser


a: argon laser ~
b: driving an old steam locomotive


"Runnig an argon laser is like driving an old steam locomotive: one needs to get the fascination of massive technology and to be enthusiastic about it. As steam locomotives, argon tubes have their moods and bad days. The operator has to learn about it and to "feel" what the machine likes. Doing so, one gets a wonderful experience of old solid technology and growling power at work. A diode laser will never let you be able to feel this way.
Someone who wants power for an application better avoids to operate an argon. Same way as modern railway doesn't use steam any more, a pure laser user better is off with an economic and soulless DPSS. "

Writer: Diane Neisius
Date: Feb 21 2014 5:55 PM

Green Venn Diagram

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