archeomagnetic jerks


a: archeomagnetic jerks ~
b: magnetic field moving around


"The correlation applies until the 1980's, suggesting that solar irradiance is the prime forcing function of climate until then, when the correlation breaks and anomalous warming may emerge from the signal. Indeed, only solar flux of energy and particles can jointly explain parallel variations in temperature and external magnetic field. The most intriguing feature may be recently proposed archeomagnetic jerks (see abstract by Gallet et al). These seem to correlate with significant climatic events. A proposed mechanism involves tilt of the dipole to low latitudes, resulting in enhanced cosmic-ray induced nucleation of clouds. Intense data acquisition over a broad range of durations is required to further probe these indications that the Earth's and Sun's magnetic fields may have significant bearing on climate change at various time scales."

Writer: Fluteau, F.; Courtillot, V.; Gallet, Y.; Le Mouel, J.; Genevey, A.
Date: Oct 19 2019 4:54 PM

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