apple latest keyboard design


Apple Keyboard; Form Trumps Function

a: Apple latest keyboard design ~
b: Chinese foot binding

What: The form of the Current Apple key board is minimal and sleek. Appealing to the eyes it is, yes. But, as I put my fingers on the key board, they felt completely different. I learned to type by feel so I never really have to look at the key board. The recoil on the keys is severely diminished, which for me is big part of touch typing. This keyboard feels stripped down and exhibits a complete lack of sensual recoil. My hands started to hurt after playing around for a couple minutes. Which brought to mind Chinese foot binding. Someone in that culture decided small feed were beautiful and somehow it came to pass that many women destroyed their feet to conform to this minimalist cleanist sense of beauty. I hope Apple comes up with a more sensual key board, 'cause I don't want my hands looking like those twisted Chinese feet. The similarity; form trumps function. This is just the key board; the rest of the computer is great.

Writer: mattyflynn
Date: May 1 2010 10:17 AM

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