a: Agglutination ~
b: bunch of small Velcro balls in a box

What: The process by which antigens and antibodies existing in suspension clump together. "Agglutination is like putting a bunch of small Velcro balls in a box with a bunch of flannel balls, and shaking the box. The Velcro can't stick to Velcro and the flannel can't stick to flannel, but the flannel and the Velcro can stick together. When the balls bump into one another, the flannel balls stick to the Velcro balls, which stick to other flannel balls, and so on until all the balls form one big clump."

Writer: Timothy J, Newby Peggy A. Ertmer Donald A, Stepich
Date: Jan 27 2014 7:43 AM

Green Venn Diagram

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