The Island On Lost(tv Show)

a: The island on lost ~
b: The mound in the Egyptian Creation myth

What: "At the moment of creation, a mound rose out of the limitless waters-just as a muddy mounds emerge from the Nile after the annual flood recedes. On this mound the creator god appeared and brought light to the world." From Art Through The Ages, page 54, Fred S. Kleiner. This a Very good book for an overview of Art. ---> But as it relates to Lost, the island in this show appears to be hidden,not by water but by some anomalous earthy magnetic field which appears to come and go and can hide the island from modern technologies. The characters on this show play and live on this island the way the Egyptian deities play on their Nilotic mound.

Writer: LucretiaGermanica
Date: Dec 25 2010 2:30 AM

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