a: Electromotive force ~
b: water pressure


"Volt is the unit of measurement for electromotive force.
Electromotive force is like water pressure."


One of the simplest ways to look at electricity is to compare it to water. Volts are like water pressure. Amps are like the amount of water passing a given point. Watts are kind of a combination of the two.

Watts measure electrical power. Power is the rate of energy flow per unit time.

To get the same number of watts, you can have a few amps and many volts, which is like a thin stream of water jetting out of a narrow hole at high pressure. Or, you can have many amps and a few volts, which is like a wide and deep river flowing slowly past under low pressure. In both cases, the same amount of energy is being transferred (the same volume of water is being transferred each second).

Writer: Sunspace
Date: Aug 14 2014 3:06 PM

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