a: Photography ~
b: listening to Mozart or Miles Davis

What: "I tend to allow many of my personal aspirations and inspirations in art, literature, music, and science to collide to create new worlds within my photography. It is one of the main reasons that I can never get bored of photography and its promises to fulfill my artistic side. Architectural photography is like listening to Mozart or Miles Davis for me; abstract photography is like translating a novel written in the language of quantum mechanics, and long exposure photography is like standing in a photograph of an eternal Proustian memory cocooned by a harmonious silence. I am very mindful of the ecology I am in, whether it is a city or rural landscape. I study it from all angles. It is almost as if I have to slowly breathe in the scenery, as if allowing a bottle of wine to breathe, so that I can get my senses to acclimate and discover an enlightened aesthetic wherever I happen to be with my camera. Inspiration abounds wherever you are. You just have to allow the nascent eyes that photography gives you to open wide and shut when you feel the inspiration."

Writer: John Kosmopoulos
Date: Jun 6 2014 6:42 PM

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