a: Human body ~
b: television set

What: "The environment is ...the signals are always there, and the cells come and go. And when a cell is present, it can read the signal. And when a cell dies, the signal's still there but the cell's not there. It's sort of like a cell or a human body is like a television set with an antenna tuned to a station. And so right now my antennas are tuned to the Bruce Station, and my body's playing The Bruce Show right here. And what's relevant about this is when we talk about televisions, I say, "The picture tube is dead; it breaks. It's not working." We say, "The television's dead." I go, "Well, the television's dead, but the broadcast - is it still there?" And the answer is, "Well, yes." And you can tell or know that by just getting another television set, plugging it in, turning it on, and then tuning it to the station. And there, oops the broadcast's back on again!"A page on human beings and how they may or may not be like computers.

Writer: Dr. Bruce Lipton
Date: Apr 30 2014 4:58 PM

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