Glycemic Index, Sugar, Glucose

a: A complex carbohydrate ~
b: a string of pearls

What: Complex carbohydrates are polymers of sugars, often glucose. They digest much more slowly than pure glucose because of their large size and composition. Visually, a complex carbohydrate is like a string of pearls and a glucose is like a single pearl earring. To get a sense of how this size difference affects blood glucose levels; Image dropping a 30 pearl necklace on the floor; the necklace stays in one piece. Now imagine dropping 30 pearl earrings on the floor. The 30 earrings will explode over a wide area. This is what is occurring in your blood when you are constantly eating high-glycemic index foods; it is a constant explosion of glucose into your blood that stresses your pancreas to produce insulin to lower your glucose levels.

Writer: mattyflynn
Date: Jun 19 2010 12:35 AM

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