Iranian Oil?

a: Petroleum ~
b: a soaked sponge

What: "A pool or reservoir of petroleum is like a soaked sponge, the sponge made of porous sandstone beds and oil or gas occupying the pores. Reservoirs are classified as conventional and unconventional. A conventional petroleum reservoir is a dome or vault of impermeable rock, formed by folding or faulting of the rock layers or by the rise of salt domes, with permeable rocks beneath it. In those permeable rocks there may be a layer of natural gas on top, with petroleum below. Beneath the oil is usually a layer of rock soaked with water or brine. There are also unconventional or continuous reservoirs that are not trapped this way. Oil can be pumped out of the sponge at a certain maximum rate, determined by the viscosity of the oil and the quality of the reservoir. Iran's proved reserves: 133300000000 bbl (Iran's class is third in the world after Saudi Arabia, Canada and Iraq)."

Writer: Not Stated
Date: Oct 3 2013 6:54 PM

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