Car Horns?

a: Car exhause system ~
b: building a musical instrament

What: "Remember that what you are building is like a giant musical instrument. To get a nice sound, the size of the mouthpiece has to be matched to the size and length of the pipes. That ricey sound comes from using a trumpet mouthpiece with baritone pipes. Supra is more of a trombone sized mouthpiece and needs more medium sized piping. Turbo cars can get away with 3" pipes because the turbo is a sort of like blowing through a reed (turbine), effectively turning brass into a giant woodwind instrument, like mabe a contrabass or something (almost worth it for the sound quality alone). The muffler is like a mute stuck in the end of the horn."

Writer: RPMsOnHigh
Date: Oct 3 2013 10:59 AM

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