The Sounds Of Swing Sets....or Guitars....

a: Constructive interference ~
b: pushing a string at the rigth moment

What: "I ain't no smarter than anyone here (until last week I thought Voltaire was an air-conditioner) but "sympathetic reinforcement" aka constructive interference is like when you push a swing at the right moment and increase its travel. If you pushed it at he wrong time (while it was coming towards you) it'd be destructive interference." ..."All objects have a natural frequency. If you supply energy in the form of vibration/sound that matches the object's natural frequency, you're, in essence, pushing the swing at the exact right moment. The reason I suggested different gauges is that although it may be tuned to pitch, the mass of the string may make a difference. Hey, how about different tunings? Even if it's fourth-removed it may, may work. Shots in the dark. But you may yet hit your target.

Writer: collingscowboy
Date: Jul 24 2013 8:06 PM

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