Prevent The Leaks In The First Place.....

a: An antioxidant ~
b: trying to clean up the water with a towel

What: "In vitro studies showed that unlike antioxidants, which prevent cancer by reacting with ROS before they can damage DNA, metformin appears to prevent mitochondria from forming ROS in the first place. "I use the analogy of a leaky faucet," says Ferbeyre. "Using an antioxidant is like trying to clean up the water with a towel. Metformin would be like turning off the tap." This was further demonstrated with an in vivo experiment using the pesticide paraquat, which causes overproduction of ROS. Mice treated with paraquat and metformin survived significantly longer than those treated with paraquat only."

Writer: Gerardo Ferbeyre, Universite de Montreal
Date: Jul 15 2013 7:09 PM

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