a: wavelength ~
b: distance of the peoples' steps


"Imagine a short person and a tall person walking side by side. The short person takes much smaller steps while the tall person takes larger steps. In order for the two people to walk at the same speed, the shorter person must walk faster and the tall person must walk slower. This is much like the relationship between the wavelength and frequency of light. The wavelength is like the distance of the peoples' steps and the frequency is how fast each step is taken. All light travels at the same speed. The wavelength of light is the distance spanned by one cycle of motion. The larger this distance, the slower the frequency (how quickly the motion oscillates) must be in order to maintain the speed of light. Smaller wavelengths must have faster frequencies to maintain the speed of light. This explains why wavelength is inversely proportional to frequency."

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Date: Jan 14 2015 6:52 PM

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