a: Unhealthy food ~
b: a drug that is overly rewarding

What: "Consider doing like treycook said and ask /r/askscience but I think it has something to do with the dopamine system. Unhealthy food is like a drug in that it is overly rewarding. It causes cravings the moment you smell or taste it, and you turn into that savage that just wants to stuff his face. Healthy food, while satisfying, will not cause the cravings because it isn't overly rewarding. It will signal to your body that there is food on board that needs to be processed, but your brain isn't going crazy for more. For whatever reason, the calorie dense foods loaded with fats and carbs just taste better -- probably because our body senses they have a lot of energy in them. Evolutionarily, calorie rich foods were not always abundant, so we had to be motivated to capitalize on them when they came around."

Writer: gravityholdingme
Date: Jan 1 2014 11:11 AM

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