a: U.s. health care system ~
b: a once great muscle car


"The broken U.S. health care system is like an old car that at one time was a top-of-the-line muscle car but due to neglect has been reduced to a beat-up wreck that limps along belching blue smoke from its tailpipe. If the owner is a person of means, the remedy is simple enough. If not, the solution is to pour more oil into the engine in the hope that somehow it will continue running. In time, however, the engine will die and the car will stop running. Similarly, we can continue to
pour more money into health care without improving performance as the WHO report suggests and even adopt universal health insurance coverage without making health care affordable as the bankruptcy study indicates. Driven by financialization, the system will limp along until
it collapses and then it will become clear to all that the problem is systemic."

Writer: Edward J. O'Boyle, Ph. D. Mayo Research Institute
Date: Jan 23 2014 8:58 PM

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