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There is a city that is devoted to producing custom CDs that they ship out to customers. They have only 20 songs to choose from, but they are the best songs ever! All of the possible combinations of those songs are stored as master copies in the music database.

There is a factory where the digital version of the music is made into CDs. The music database is the nucleus, where DNA is transcribed to messenger RNA. The original master recordings of the music are the DNA. A special machine makes a digital version of a select mix of songs from the master copy. That machine is RNA Polymerase. The mRNA digital version is now shipped out of the music database and taken to the CD factory. It leaves heads there through the cytoplasm.

The factory represents a ribosome, where proteins are produced. The factory is built out of ribosomal RNA. When the digital copy makes it there, it is translated into the custom CD that was ordered. The digital copy gets loaded onto the computer to be translated on an assembly line. Machines recognize letters in sequences of three that each code for a certain song. Those machines are the tRNA. They recognize the code for a song with anticodons. The machines each produce 1 song. Some machines may recognize more than one codon, but will interpret that information by producing the same song regardless. More songs are added until the programmed instructions tell the machinery to stop.

When the stop codon is received, the CD is completed. CDs that are being shipped out of the city go to the packaging center to put them in a case with an album cover. The packaging center is like the endoplasmic reticulum, packaging proteins for shipment out of the cell. Other CDs that were ordered by residents of the city are not taken to the packaging center, but instead taken directly to the buyers.

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Date: Mar 21 2016 1:37 AM

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