a: The krebs cycle ~
b: processing loop

What: "The Krebs cycle is like a processing loop that transforms the value of a share of IBM stock into physical cash coming out of an ATM. The share of IBM stock begins as set of bits stored somewhere in cyberspacetime on the computers run by your online stockbroker. When you sell the share of stock, the bits storing the share of stock are debited from your account and some bits over in the IBM portion of cyberspacetime are deleted too. The resulting cash value is credited to the money market bits of your online stockbroker account. From there the cash value bits can be transferred to your local bank, and ultimately, you can punch in some numbers into an ATM and out pops some physical cash that can be used to buy a cup of coffee. In this example, the share of IBM stock is like an energy rich carbohydrate molecule and the cash popping out of the ATM is like a molecule called ATP, which is the biochemical energy equivalent of cash. In a capitalistic economic system, money is the equivalent of energy in a biochemical sense, since, as everybody knows, it makes the world go round. There is an old joke in thermodynamics that energy is the ability to do work, while money is the ability not to do work."

Writer: Steve Johnston
Date: Dec 27 2013 11:39 AM

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