a: stock market 2016 ~
b: heroin addict going through withdrawal


The amount of easy money put out by the Federal Reserve with low intreats rates has puffed up the prices of many asset classes, stocks for example. Now the money is drying up. The general economy, it is thought, doesn't need supper low interest rates to keep from imploding. The cheap money drug is being removed. But like a drug addict that can't get a shot, the stock market doesn't like the removal of it's fix. One model of the stock market mimmicks the model of heroin addiction and recovery, or a least I just made that up. But, the association is somewhat valid, as in her ion addiction recovery, there were by occasional backsliding.

Or maybe something most can identify with, coffee withdrawal.

Writer: Lucretia
Date: Feb 15 2016 10:24 AM

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