Ribosome As Railroad Switching Yard

a: Ribosome ~
b: railroad switching yard

What: Trains, freight and passenger, are made up of individual cars linked together to form a unified whole which transports goods and people. Polymers, in this case, bio-polymers, such as mRNA and protein, are molecules made of smaller monomer units. In the case of proteins, the monomer units are amino acids. In the case of mRNA the monomer units are ribonucleic acids. The monomers units are like individual trains cars that can be linked up to form a working whole. A rail switching yard is a place where many tracks and trains can come together in an ordered way so that they can be hooked together as a functioning trains. A ribosome is a location in a cell where individual elements come together to a make a functioning whole. So when thinking of a ribosome, try to visualize a rail yard which many individual cars coming together in an ordered way to create a train.

Writer: mattyflynn
Where: Reference Link Has Evaporated
Date: Nov 27 2011 4:55 PM

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