Molecular Editing

a: Precursor mrna ~
b: unedited mrna


The is the form of mRNA right after it has been transcribed from DNA and before it is translated into a protein. Segments of the mRNA, called introns are removed leaving exons, the portion of the mRNA that gets translated. To push the analogy a bit further, the pre-mRNA could be thought of as a 40,000 word essay cut down to 35,000 words. But the number of word/bases can very tremendously depending on the organism in question.

From the link:

"The amount and size of introns varies greatly. The mammalian DHFR has 6 exons that total about 2000 bases, yet the gene is 31,000 bases. Likewise, the alpha-collagen has 50 exons that range from 45-249 bases and the gene is about 40,000 bases. Clearly two genes of the same size can have different number of introns, and introns that vary in size."

Phillip McClean

Writer: Lucreita
Date: Jan 1 2014 12:24 PM

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