a: passion play ~
b: a requiem or a panto


"Meanwhile, the new producer asked me if I could do an edit of the script. Finally, something to sink my teeth into, so I waded in. I left the musical numbers in - not my problem - and also a lot of the somewhat specific stage directions, e.g. "Jesus breaks into a sweat". But I got the Ring Cycle down to about 2 hours; I honed the dialogue so that people spoke to each other more or less colloquially, rather than in slightly out of context Bible quotes; and I gave it some narrative drive so that one scene - and indeed the actions within each scene - should lead logically and naturally into the next. In many ways a passion play is like a requiem or a panto - you already know what elements go into it, the enjoyment is in seeing what the performers do with them - but even so it should all make sense as a whole."

Writer: Ben
Date: Apr 22 2014 3:01 PM

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