a: Particle accelerator ~
b: drinking straw


"This driveway intrigued me. I've never seen anything like it in Santa Clarita, California. I imagine it marks the meeting place of the Illuminati or some other ancient order. I did some research on the Wroclaw area and evidently in WWII the Nazis were doing some anti-gravity studies. (Go with me on this - I'm not sure of the veracity of these claims, but they make for interesting reading.) Anyway, just outside of Wroclaw deep in a mine the Nazis operated a secret laboratory where they worked on something called the Nazi Bell. Some say it was an anti-gravity experiment and others say it was a heavy particle accelerator. (I think a particle accelerator is like the straw I used to shoot pieces of napkin at my sister.)"

Writer: Heidi
Date: Dec 17 2014 11:26 AM

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