a: neutrinos ~
b: a violin


"Oh, this has been an experiment. In that presentation, I have compared the universe to an orchestra, or better an orchestra that plays an unknown music. Our goal as scientists is to reveal and understand the instruments involved as well as the underlying sheet music. Following up on this analogy, I freely associated each particle type in the universe to an instrument: photons are a keyboard for their wide range over the entire electromagnetic spectrum, charged particles are like a percussion for their heaviness and high energies, and neutrinos are like a violin for their faint nature. With the advent of IceCube, we have started to 'hear' the neutrinos playing a new part of the Universe's music sheet. That's just fantastic to me."

Writer: Elisa Resconi, professor for Experimental Physics with Cosmic Particles in Munich
Date: Oct 6 2015 7:23 PM

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