a: Net force ~
b: wind pushing a kite


"The First Law of Motion applies to a kite. When the kite is laying on the ground, and there is no wind, the kite is at rest. But when the wind starts to blow, the kite starts to rise, and changes from being at rest, to being in motion. If the kite is in motion, or if the kite is flying, the amount of wind can decrease, and eventually the kite can come down to the ground, and no longer be in motion, the kite will be at rest. The net force is like the wind, and the object is the kite."

Of course in this case the net force is the wind force minus the force of the gravity pulling the kite back to the ground.... For the kite to stay in the air, the force from the wind must be greater than the force of gravity

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Date: Sep 30 2018 4:32 PM

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