a: Myosin ~
b: claw that is attached to the actin

What: "Myosin and actin are the two proteins that actually cause the muscle to contract. Myosin is like a claw that is attached to the actin, which is like a ladder with rungs. The myosin goes through a cycle to produce contraction:"... 1. ATP binds to the myosin head, causing it to release the actin filament 2. The ATP is hydrolysed into ADP and phosphate, the energy is used to "cock" the myosin into a high energy state 3. The phosphate is released, and the myosin is forced back into the actin. Now, the myosin is one "rung" forward 4. The ADP is then ejected, step 1 is re-initiated ..."You could think of it as the myosin crawls up the actin. Its like a ratchet mechanism"

Writer: susan23
Date: May 13 2013 10:00 AM

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